Slim Partition System

Partition System

In today’s modern world the importance of furniture and their usage is one of the most important concepts for each and every workstation, Residentials interior and social gathering places like restaurant and cafes and other outlets.

Importance of partition in workstation

In today’s era office design is a constantly shifting and changing beast. As business requirements alter, and the way we work changes our needs and expectation when it comes to our office layout. It was time when people use open plan offices, then came the modular office and from there we had zones, but if one does not want to change up their design on regular basis?

There is one thing which could be your cost-saving grace as well as having a range of other advantages and that is office partition. This creates a barrier between the workstation Infront and the side of an employee, and therefore allows extra privacy and scope for concentration. The plus point is that a partition can be taken down when collaboration is needed, or when an office move around is on the cards.

Five Advantages of Partition

1.) Giving employees extra privacy.

2.) Creating set workspace, without invasion of space from one desk to other.

3.) To cut down on sound.

4.) To create a modern and sleek appearance.

5.) To give flexibility when moving an office around.

Importance of partition in residential interior

Dividing up a room is much cheaper with partition, compare to full walls. We also need to address the fact that you can easily move a partition, but you can’t move a wall! If you decide to move your house wall around in the future, or if you need to expand, the you will find it ten times easier with partitions, than you would if you had to knock down a wall. You can opt for any type of partition you want, so you could go for an injection of colour, to create a pop of light, you can go far a clear version for modern and professional look.

Importance of partition at Social Gathering Places

In today’s generation the importance of places like restaurants and cafes are much more, people use this place even for business meetings and conferences too. So having a partition in places like this works to cut down on noise levels, even if it isn’t a full partition or screen. This also creates a sense of focus and concentration, because your customers will be much more able to focus on work, they had without being distracted by what is going on next to them. There is also privacy side of things to take into account, by going for a colored partition, a frosted option, or full block screen. This gives a sense of personal space and safety for customers. Which is vital for wellbeing?

We are Glad to offer you our different ranges of partition system which can be used in many ways and provides you very easy way of comfort with less space utilization by KOIL Hardware.

1.] Prima Series

2.] Sleek Series

3.] Signature Series